Young Marble Giants - Brand New Life

Young Marble Giants - “Brand New Life”.

“March 17, 1980.
YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS’ one and only LP “Colossal Youth” is released. This minimalist album includes “Searching For Mr.Right” (which was on last year’s compilation “Is the War Over?”), plus the new recordings: “Eating Noddemix”, “Wurlitzer Jukebox!”, “Include Me Out”, “The Taxi”, “Constantly Changing”, “N.I.T.A.”, “Music For Evenings”, “The Man Amplifier”, “Choci Loni”, “Salad Days”, “Credit In The Straight World”, “Brand-New-Life”, “Wind In The Rigging” and the title track “Colossal Youth”.
It earns a five star review in Sounds magazine, being called, a debut masterpiece. A series of tranquil reflections set out in sparse arrangements, the complete antithesis of practically anything I can think of currently in vogue.
Young Marble Giants speak for the small, the unabashed, the detached. It’s almost folksy, but without the necessary lethargy and polished nostalgia-preening that implies.
The music is happy and brilliantly simple. The emphasis is alternatively upon a wheezing, Sooty Show organ or clattering single guitar that is reminiscent of John Martyn’s taut neurotic playing of years ago.”
Stuart Moxham of the group told the MME that “Alison’s not a singer! She’s someone who sings. Alison sings as if she was at the bus stop or something. A real singer has more control”.
Young Marble Giants are from Cardiff in Wales and are Alison Statton, Stuart Moxham and his brother Philip Moxham.”

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