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XenForo 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released

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Hot on the heels of yesterday's XF 2.1.0 Beta 1 release, today we bring you Beta 2 in order to squash some significant bugs reported since the initial release.

Significantly it was discovered that our JSON conversion did not reliably work in all cases, especially if you upgraded using the web UI. As this has caught a number of people out, we are attempting to resolve the issue automatically in Beta 2 rather than requiring you to restore from a backup or fix it manually. For more specific details on the bug, please see

Some of the other changes in XF 2.1.0 Beta 2 include:
  • Update some BB code media sites embed HTML to show the new FA5 brand version of the service's icon.
  • Fix call to now-missing method in the add-on release builder when minifying JS.
  • If the editor does not detect an attachment manager, and the attachment manager is not configured to accept video extensions, remove the insertVideo button from the editor toolbar.
  • Ensure the revert checkbox for style properties isn't bold to avoid it using the solid colored square variant of the icon.
This is beta software. It is not officially supported. We do not recommend running it in production.

Please remember that this is beta software. It contains known bugs and incomplete functionality. We do not recommend running beta software in a production environment, and support is limited at this time to questions here on the community forums.

Add-ons and custom styles may be broken after upgrading to 2.1. You must test your add-ons thoroughly or look for updates. Be especially careful with add-ons that cover similar features to ones that are added to 2.1; these may conflict with the core XenForo data. If data conflicts are found, they will need to be resolved in a new add-on release or by removing the add-on before upgrading to 2.1.

If you choose to run beta software, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make a backup of your data. We recommend you do this before attempting an upgrade. If in doubt, always do a test upgrade on a copy of your production data.