The Units - Warm Moving Bodies

The Units - “Warm Moving Bodies”

February 7, 1980. The Units are one of the few San Francisco synth bands and they follow up last year’s “High Pressure Days” EP with a new record out on their own label called “Warm Moving Bodies” and “I-Night”. They use films and slides during their performances that add a much desired visual element to an otherwise keyboard-bound band.

The Units started out in ‘78 with four guitars plus bass, drums and synth. one by one the guitars players quit and more new members came in. Now, two years later, the transformation is complete. These days the Units are founder member Scott Ryser on synth and vocals, Richard Webber on synth and vocals plus Richard Driskell on drums and vocals. They also had some studio help from former Units member Tim Ennis on bass. Rachel was formerly a member of punk parody act the Mummers and Poppers, a band that also included Debora Iyall, now with Romeo Void.

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