The Undertones - My Perfect Cousin

The Undertones - “My Perfect Cousin”.

“March 28, 1980
THE UNDERTONES’ new single is “My Perfect Cousin”, backed with “I Don’t Want To See You Again”, and “Hard Luck(Again)”. The A side is from the band’s upcoming new album, the flip sides are unique to the single.
This new 45 will be the biggest hit of the Undertones’ new career, climbing up to the #9 spot in the UK charts. Secret messages in the wax are “A rocking humdinger” and “humming dingleberries”. Who is the “perfect cousin”? Apparently he’s the real relative of bassist Michael Bradley, who later recalled in the book Teenage Kicks, “He still doesn’t talk to me after 13 years. I personally blame Sharkey for revealing the identity to a Daily Mirror journalist.””

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