The B-52s - Give Me Back My Man

The B-52s - “Give Me Back My Man”

The B-52s performing their 1980 single, “Give Me Back My Man”.

”Give Me Back My Man” was the follow up single to ”Private Idaho” from The B-52’s second album, Wild Planet.

Though the song would fail to chart in the U.S., it did provide a nice showcase for the vocal talents of Cindy Wilson and revels a slice of sentimentality that hadn’t been heard before from these campy kings of New Wave party rock. Though the track does have a throbbing keyboard bassline and touches of Ricky Wilson’s signature guitar twang, it’s Cindy Wilson’s heartfelt vocal performance and the overall melodic melancholy that distances the song from the dance floor.

The production also shows signs of growth, with nice percussive sound effects, gentle keyboard accents laced with memorable guitar hooks during the vocal break and a low cello-like hum of synth-strings that build the song to a slow peak. Wilson eventually lets it all out in an extended last chorus, playing off the repeated title refrain with some impressive and emotionally charged improvisation. ”Give Me Back My Man” proved that The B-52’s could be more than just the life of the party.