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Plugin 1.5 [XFA] Image Slider 3.0.0

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Compatible with XenForo
Image Slider allows you to add a slider on your forum that will showcase your products, highlight announcements, advertise, or whatever goes through your mind...

  • Unlimited number of sliders creation from admin (NEW IN 3.0.0)
    • Permission based. (Can view slider or not) NEW IN 3.0.0
    • Fully responsive
    • Touch compatible navigation (for touchscreens devices)
    • Caption on image (optional)
    • Link redirection on image click (optional)
    • Display order NEW IN 3.0.0
  • Global sliders configuration through admincp options:
    • Enable Slider
    • Slider width
    • Center slider
    • Link action
    • Link target (_blank, ...)
    • Show slides randomly
  • Content templates management:
    You can add content templates in order to be able to display your sliders on pages different from the default Xenforo ones. For example, if you wanted to display a slider on the media gallery index, you would add the content template from that page: xengallery_media_index.
  • Sliders location management:
    • Display on specific content templates or on all pages
    • Selection of the slider's location through templates hooks
    • Per location slider's configuration, either using global settings (override settings) or specific ones:
      • Items display
      • Items display on desktop
      • Items display on desktop small
      • Items display on tablet
      • Items display on mobile
      • Slide Speed
      • Pagination speed
      • Rewind speed
      • Autoplay
      • Stop on hover
      • Navigation
      • Pagination
      • Pagination numbers
      • Responsive
      • Responsive refresh rate
      • Auto Height
      • Many Transition Style (NEW IN 3.0.0)
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