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2.0, 2.1
[XFA] Forum Sales is a plugin for XenForo 2 that allows you to sell something through several additional fields that you need to fill out when creating or editing topics. You can fine-tune to whom and where sales are possible, thanks to the permission of a group of users and the configuration of nodes.

Info: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xfa-forum-sales-xf2.6227/ Payment of the sale can be configured in two modes:Individual: users receive payment directly, either through PayPal, or through external funds , money, checks, ... if you authorize them, because you can not get a percentage of sales). Centralized:

PayPal pays you for every sale of a user's items, and then you manually transfer the money back to the seller. The buyer has the opportunity to confirm the fact of receipt of the goods, which allows you to return the money only for guaranteed sales.

This product is also a new source of income for you thanks to the introduction of Paypal adaptive payments, allowing you to set the percentage that you want to keep in users' sales. The interest amount is automatically processed at the time of payment and sent to your PayPal account, and the rest is sent to the seller’s account on an individual basis. In a centralized mode, the amount is deducted from the amount owed.

In an individual mode, you can also let your user decide whether they want to donate or not a percentage of the sale as part of the value of your site using options.
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