XenForo 2.1.0 RC 1 Nulled by Dholabuzz.Com

XenForo 2.1.0 RC 1 Nulled by Dholabuzz.Com 2.1.0 RC 1

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Today, we are pleased to announce that we are taking an important step towards a stable and supported version of XenForo 2.1 by releasing the first Release Candidate.

After the release of several beta versions, the addition of new functionality to the product has been completed, and the number of reported errors has decreased to a minimum, which allows the development team to reduce the number of errors to a minimum. We have already reached the point in the development of XenForo 2.1, which allows the release of Candidate.

This means that the software is offered as stable, and for a certain period of time, we can test our assumption. If no major errors are detected during a certain period, the release of a stable version 2.1.0 will be released. If bugs are found that are deemed important enough to delay the release, we will release the next version of Release Candidate.

We recommend that all customers using version 2.1 upgrade to this version.

Please remember that this is still a beta version . It may contain bugs and incomplete functionality. We do not recommend or support the launch of beta software in a production environment.. Beta support is limited to questions on the community forum.
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