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2.0, 2.1
Conversation Essentials - this add-on adds vital features and capabilities to view and manage personal conversations. This addition is a must for those who have a lot of messages in the Inbox.

Info: Conversation Essentials features: [*] It is easy to see the participants in the conversation. The participants in the conversation are displayed in the list of conversations, where they are displayed in a nickname or avatar format, and they can be easily switched. An overlay with all participants is also available. [*]

It is easy to see who left the conversation forever. Participants who have left the conversation forever (ie, they will never receive further answers) are now displayed with a crossed out username and an X in the upper right corner of their avatar.
[*] Manage multiple conversations. All conversations now have a checkbox next to their title, allowing you to simultaneously select multiple conversations.
[*] Tags and folders. This option allows certain groups of users to create their own tags and assign them to their conversations for convenience. Conversations are available for search by prefix.
[*] Basket. Allows users to join the conversation they left before it is permanently deleted when all users leave.
[*] Rules of conversation.
[*] Groups of participants. This option allows certain groups of users to create member groups.
[*] The size limit of incoming messages. This option allows you to set a limit on the size of incoming messages for specific groups of users.
[*] Auto answer on start conversation. With this option, your members can set up an answering machine for new conversations they receive while on vacation. Each participant can set a start date, an end date and a message that will be automatically sent to him upon receipt of a new conversation / answer. It is also possible to exclude people you follow from this answer.
[*]Fix the correspondence.
[*] Preview of the last message. With this option, a preview of the last message will be displayed.
[*] Last read date. The ability to display the date of the last reading of the interviewer with a link to the last read message. This date and link can be found under each user name and participant name in the block of participants of each conversation.
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