BAUHAUS - Dark Entries, live in London

BAUHAUS - “Dark Entries”, live in London.

February 17, 1980 - BAUHAUS earn a half-page write-up in this week’s Sounds magazine. “They stash an impressive strip of songs in their picture-wallet, hard black and white stills all… The landscape carved out by the music is as cold and haunted as the Delvaux print on the sleeve of “Dark Entries,” but the emotional muscle of Murphy’s voice puts it all into a human perspective.
The rest of the world may have gone to live in a J.G.Ballard story, but these boys weren’t even in the queue… Whatever it’s that these Phantoms of The Teenage Opera have got, it’s worth checking out. They’ve got a sound as clean as a razor, and a vision that doesn’t need dressing up in angry rhetoric or android accessories to make its point.
Their music may have the shadow of the tall steel over it, but that’s a heartbeat you can hear throbbing in the background. Not a ring modulator.”

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