Bad Manners - Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu

Bad Manners - “Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu”.

“February, 28 1980.
BAD MANNERS are featured in Sounds with a positive write up by Garry Bushell. The subject is the release of their single”Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu” which is a cover of a goofy 1958 American pop hit by Dickey Doo & The Don’ts. The Magnet Records single is flipped with the original song

Bushell describes it as”…a nutty and supremely danceable instrumental brightened up by loony brass and the weird toasting of band leader Fatty(aka Buster Bloodvessel) which consists of invitations to “Kick It Up” and bellowed variations on the”Ne Ne Na Na”etc.,theme. The single employs the Bad Manners logo, a nearly naked tubby Skin flashing an immense tongue and sporting a huge gut - all I’m assured based on said Fatty (aka Doug Trendle) himself the proud owner of trombone, thirteen inch tongue and close on thirty foot girth. Fatty formed the band two and a half year years ago, according to legend on the Arselan’s own North Bank. Between then and now the trio mysteriously grew into a nine-piece.”

Deanne Pearson of the NME described Bad Manners’ recent live gig at the Music Machine. “The dance floor is crowded with skinhead moon-stompers, braces, boots and black barnets bobbing determinably, some in the more traditional rolling skank, some in the trendier 2-Tone style… Suddenly, a burst of music and Bad Manners ride in to the heroic anthem of “The Magnificent Seven.” Two sax and one trumpet put the set into high velocity from the start. They are rudely halted by 17 stone vocalist Buster Bloodvessel stomping onstage and bellowing” Shut Up” in his best foghorn imitation. And for just less than a minute there isn’t a sound in the Music Machine. Then straight into “Woolly Bully.” Buster throwing his deadweight, bulging, heaving gut that’s hanging out of his trousers and riding up his T-shirt around the stage, his long tongue flapping obscenely round the words to the songs.”

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Bad Manners - Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu