Athletico Spizz 80 - No Room

Athletico Spizz 80 - “No Room”.

“April 9, 1980
ATHLETICO SPIZZ’80 have a new single called “No Room” and” Spock’s Missing” out on Rough Trade Records. The band got into a bit of trouble over their last single “Where’s Capt. Kirk?”, when Paramount Pictures expressed concern that Spizz would somehow taint sales of their official “Star Trek movie soundtrack. About this new song Spizz told Zig Zag, “It’s the sequel before the film. I’m sure they’re gonna get wind of it and make a quick scrap movie about ‘Spock’s Missing. ‘It’s the first love song I’ve ever written. It’s Kirk pining for Spock, who’s…unavailable. “Strangely enough, in another four years Star Trek III would be… . . The Search For Spock. Perhaps Spizz should contact Paramount.”

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